Sunday, 11 December 2016

Seira Nakamura | Gagged and GangBanged

Seira Nakamura | 俺達の肉便器が出来上がったので見てください::中村せいら

Sexy Seira Nakamura (中村せいら), a fresh face in the heaven of Japanese AV Idols is cute as fuck as a sweet submissive slave taken by three. Roles change quickly  in the uncensored BDSM video “Oretachi no Nikubenki ga Dekiagatta node Mite kudasai” making it hard to say if Seira is taken by three or if she savours the boys, three at a time.

Vegan Bondage Gear | Vondage

Vondage | vegan bondage gear

Vondage | vegan bondage gear/

Vegan Bondage Gear | The Best For Pets And Animals!

A key term in the BDSM community is body autonomy,  the right to determine what you do or don’t do with your own body. People might explore pain play, sensation play, they may pierce parts of their body or shave their hair. Whatever your kink is, it is possible because of  everyone’s fundamental human right to body autonomy.
Vegan ethics share this value, stating that the right of body autonomy applies to animals as well as people. As Miss Pixie points out in a three part post about Vegan BDSM at Ethical Kink : “If we maintain our own right to use our bodies in any way we choose, be it for pleasure or for pain, it seems only fair that we extend this right to other species. And that’s why vegan BDSM.
Thus, it is highly welcome that The Stockroom, one of the leading companies for BDSM gear and toys, started their own full line of vegan bondage gear, cleverly named Vondage.

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Naked Girls | Tied and Gagged Li, tied and gagged at BDSM redux

Gagged, tied and trained at the dungeon of SexualDisgrace.

SexualDisgrace, one of many projects from the Fetish network, follows a simple, yet effective concept. A girl, mostly well-known names from the world of BDSM studios, is fixed by rope bondage and/or bondage devices in a position that allows an easy abuse of the helpless slave. What follows is a rough training session by one of the masters (often Fetish network regular Bruno), combining dildo sticks, slapping, nipple and pussy torment, and most of all, intense fucking, gagging and deep throating.

Enjoy some impressions from the dungeon at BDSM redux.

Clamps | Bites of Pleasure

Clamps | Pleasure Through Pressure at BDSM redux
Clover clamps, also referred to as “butterfly clamps”, are of Japanese design and provide increasing tension if pulled. Linked by a chain, the clamp get slightly tighter when you pull the chain.

Clamps | Pleasure Through Pressure

Clamps are among the most popular BDSM toys, perfect to walk the line between pleasure and pain, and easily to handle. While mostly used as nipple clamps, they can give their kinky bites to any sensitive part of the body. Some are designed to function purely as body jewelry, while others are optimized for intense sensations of pain.
Clamps are typically used in pairs and connected by a chain. Weights may be hung from the clamps to amplify the pain by increasing the pressure and pinching. The chain may be attached to a second chain, the end of which is connected to a clamp attached to either the clitoris for a female or a cock ring for a male. This variation is known as the “Y clamps” for the shape of the chain linking all 3 connection points when attached to the body.
The main types are the clover clamp, the tweezers clamp and the clothespins style clamp, though any device that applies direct pressure can be used. There are endless variations including some equipped with special attachments such as bells that ring with every step, magnetic weights, or even small vibrators, embedded in the clamp. And there are many common household devices that can nip and snap just as well.

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